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Ronald Knox of the Reaper Dispatch Society, Collections Division!

In this world, "death" is a rule that no one should ever overturn.

((Independent Roleplay account for Ronald Knox of Kuroshitsuji.))

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I miss the old cast :c ….at least some of them are back…like Yuya and Takuya ))

i know i miss Yosuke so much ;~;

grellthebloodredreaper replied to your post:

(( oh i wasn’t claiming it was canon…i was just making a point that Yana-sama said that William is Grell’s first true love but that he also likes Will and Sebastian equally….never said it was canon :P ))

((Oh, I was referring to the person you reblogged the post from originally :I I know that Grell likes William lol. It just irritates me when people claim that they are a canon couple because of that fact :U))